For iPad 2,99 $

Pirates the BookGame

An iPad app that encourages reading with shooting, bombs and explosions

Mini Games

Includes 12 Mini Games. Dodge, jump and shoot!


Contains biographies and caricatures of the most dangerous pirates in history

Sir Francis Drake, Anne Bonny, Barbanegra, Mary Read, Henry Morgan, Bartholomew Roberts, William Kidd, Barbarroja, Black Sam, Cheung Po Tsai, Henry Every, Stede Bonnet


Fight with fierce enemies: slimy snails, crabs, snakes, mini bulls …


If you can get to the Treasure Cave, you win a pirate ebook!

Do you dare?

Do you dare to discover where Blackbeard buried his treasure?

Do you dare to fight with giant octopuses?

Do you dare to meet the most famous woman pirate in history?

Do you dare to escape from Chinese traps?


Pirates The BookGame is a product of Editorial C

Authors: Álex Lamikiz y Nahia del Valle

(+34) 680 26 68 11

Editorial C | Calle Moreto nº7, 5ºDcha. | 28014 Madrid.


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